SPEED ​​is a throttle response controller with an APP, capable of processing and modifying the signals thrown from the throttle pedal to the ECU.

The purpose is to achieve an enhanced and safer driving experience. It can improve the response of the engine, limit the acceleration and lock the pedal on the anti-theft mode. 

 GAIN horsepower and torque*
 INCREASE power and driveability
 RECOVER your lost power and torque
 INCREASE safety when others are driving your car
 PROTECT your  asset (anti-theft mode)
 IMPROVE fuel economy *

*Results may vary

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no residual code
5 minutes install


  • So, it’s been a month since I got my SPEED. Many of you 3rd gen Tacoma owners know how it feels when your car hunts for gears like crazy. Especially with all my added weight, it was terrible. Now I’m able to cruise at 65-70 without it dropping gears every 10 seconds. Not only did it help improve throttle response, but I gained some power I didn’t know the truck had. Another surprise is that I used to average 9.5-10mpg, you’ve seen my snaps when I complain about gas mileage, but now I’m getting anywhere between 13-14! Fefinitely, worth the investment. It’s a simple plug and play unit, it probably took 5 minutes to install, no tools required. I can only imagine how it’s going to feel when I re-gear and use the SPEED at the same time. Thanks Digipower USA for the awesome product!Yogi - La Habra California
  • Loved SPEED! It added power to my truck when pulling up my boat and loved the valet mode! Totally recommend Digipower and SPEED!!!Helio Junqueira
  • This is by far the best dyno shop in Orlando, FL. Its competitors have nothing on the setup these guys have. Indoor, climate controlled FWD, RWD, AWD DynoJet. It doesn’t get much better than that. One could literally eat out off the ground, the shop is ridiculously clean. The customer service is top notch and they went way beyond the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with everything. They even gave me some time to make adjustments and let the car cool down between each pull. Additionally, they also have some badass products being developed for a variety of vehicles. In all, this is the dream dyno setup for any car enthusiast. 11/10 would recommend Digipower!Allan Guzman

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