SPEED Throttle Response Controller

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SPEED is a throttle response controller with an APP, capable of processing and modifying the signals thrown from the throttle pedal to the ECU.
The purpose is to achieve an enhanced and safer driving experience.

It improves the response of the engine, limit the acceleration and lock the pedal on the anti-theft mode.

Quick and Safe Installation with 100% Plug & Play allowing to keep all stock features when uninstalled, will not leave residual codes, and can be reinstalled countless times in vehicles with similar settings.

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  • 3 year WARRANTY
  • 3x FASTER response
  • Control with APP
  • 100% PLUG & PLAY
  • LESS than 5 min INSTALL
  • More than 100 SENSITIVITY adjustments
  • 6 DRIVING modes
  • Will NOT leave residual codes on Factory PCM
  • ANTI-THEFT mode
  • VALET Mode
  • RETURN to stock at anytime
  • IMPROVE fuel economy

Installation procedures

  • Make sure the vehicle is off, and no key in the ignition. Wait at least 15 minutes if vehicle is hot from recent usage. Failure to do so may cause damage to the vehicle and the product.
  • The car’s electronic system must be in perfect operational condition and perform within Original Equipment (OE) specifications.
  • Disconnect the throttle pedal connector. The connector is located above the throttle pedal.
  • Connect the SPEED female connector to the throttle pedal connector, and the SPEED ​​male connector to the car’s female connector.
  • Secure the button to a desired location, avoiding placing the harness in contact with any moving parts. Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to the product and could cause a vehicle accident.
  • Fasten the SPEED and its harness to a safe location, preferably under a dash panel. Secure away from the air/heating conduits and steering shaft.
  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Press the button and check the color changes. If SPEED is working colors will change.
  • Now start driving with vehicle in Original stage with button lights off. Then change to sport and get a feel for the car. It is VERY important that you become accustomed to the change in acceleration! When you achieve a comfort level then proceed to the next acceleration mode.
  • It is your responsibility  to become familiar with the change in performance and operate in a safe manner. In weather or any adverse driving conditions it is recommended to go back to original OE setting.


  • SPEED is specifically designed for each car.
  • SPEED ​​has 6 acceleration modes. You can select them by clicking a button. The modes are:
    • Stock: SPEED ​​is off. The car’s acceleration is in factory defaults. The button LED is off.
    • Sport: Improved engine response with more drivability and performance The LED button is green.
    • Performance: Maximum performance in your day-to-day commute The LED button is yellow.
    • Track: Immediate response. Intended for OFF- ROAD use only. Gains can be extreme depending on application. The LED button is red.
    • Valet: The Accelerator pedal limits engine’s torque and power. The LED button is blue.
    • ECO:Balances performance and fuel economy. Decreases pollutants emissions. The LED button is turquoise.
  • Press the button gently. Failure to do so may cause damage.
  • Do not pull on the button harness. Pulling the harness may damage the product.
  • If it is necessary to remove the SPEED, inverse the process of installation.
  • SPEED does not have any kind of Ingress Protection (IP) certification. Therefore, it is critical that the module stays in a dry, safe area, away from any object that would strike it.


SPEED ​also has an application available at Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS), offering several advantages such as:



  • Information screen.
  • Alerts.
  • Closest resale indication via map.
  • Lock function, which blocks the throttle pedal, bringing more safety to the user.
  • Sensitivity adjustment, which allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of each mode, thus having more than 100 driving adjustments.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 8.5 in
Find a SPEED for your vehicle

Audi A1, Audi A4 220HP, Audi A3, BMW, Dodge RAM 1500, Dodge RAM 2500, Dodge Challenger/Charger, Ford F250, F350, Ford F150, Mustang, Ford Focus RS 350HP, GM Camaro V8, GM Camaro V6, GM Cruze, GM Malibu, GM Silverado, Sierra, GMC Yukon, Honda Civic, JEEP Wrangler, JEEP Grand Cherokee, JEEP Compass, Renegade, Lexus IS200T, Mercedes GLS550, Mercedes C180, C250, C300, Nissan 370z, Nissan Frontier, Nissan GT-R, Nissan Titan, Scion FR-S, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla 07-15, Toyota Corolla 16-19, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, VW Amarok, VW Golf Gti, VW Golf 1.4L

2 reviews for SPEED Throttle Response Controller

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    The SPEED Throttle response controller is a really good products. It correspond to my expectations.
    My customer in the pacific are very impress about the product.

    Don’t hesitate about this product and pay less for good quality.

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    This product works great in my 2014 dodge charger rt 5.7 hemi after several months and 3500 hundred miles of driving with it on all the time using track mode I am completely satisfied with purchase and definitely recommend it

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