SPEED is a throttle response controller with an APP, capable of processing and modifying the signals thrown from the throttle pedal to the ECU. The purpose is to achieve an enhanced and safer driving experience. It improves the response of the engine, limit the acceleration and lock the pedal on the anti-theft mode. Quick and Safe Installation with 100% Plug & Play allowing to keep all stock features when uninstalled, will not leave residual codes, and can be reinstalled countless times in vehicles with similar settings.

No, it will not leave any residual codes, and can be reinstalled countless times in vehicles with similar settings.

You can customize SPEED to interact with the vehicle’s factory modes and improving its stock settings, but using SPEED by itself (leaving vehicle’s factory settings on stock mode) you will reach better results than combining both or using the factory alone. SPEED takes the hesitation out of the factory set up…a more smooth transition in and out factory settings.

Fuel consumption is related to driver’s driving style. SPEED has the ECO mode, for gentle acceleration, and consequently there can be a decrease in consumption.

SPEED intent is not to increase power but to anticipate the entry of vehicle’s power and torque.

To limit the acceleration of the vehicle, decreasing the rotation of the engine (rpm), no worries as the accelerator is now governed with a limiter. No joy rides or burning rubber here. Just enjoy your time because strangers can do no harm in this mode.

SPEED has the option to fully block the accelerator response, being on only across the app. The device will act as a blocker and the pedal will only restart by the unlock command from the APP.

Unlocking the pedal is only achieved through the APP. If you cannot recharge your cell phone, you must uninstall SPEED, so your vehicle may get acceleration back again.

It is not recommended. SPEED can change driving modes at any time you want and due to the change in vehicle behavior, it is recommended that the accelerator pedal is not pressed while changing driving modes.

Yes, you just need to unplug the button connector. In this case, the last driving mode selected will remain. If you want to change the driving move it can be done through the SPEED APP on your phone.

SPEED can operate in another vehicle with the same type of connector, but remember that even with the same connector, it may not obtain the same result since SPEED is developed individually for each car model and not only for every model connector. In this case, please check the application compatibility guide.

Yes, SPEED works on the pedal signal, not interfering with other parameters in the ECU.

SPEED has 6 driving modes which are: eco, sport, performance, track, valet and stock. Each driving mode can be customized on the sensitivity adjustments on the SPEED APP, only. The button will just change the driving modes.

No, it is a 100% plug and play product, it can be installed and uninstalled easily without leaving any residual codes.

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