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FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions

User Manual – pages 16 and 17


Possible Cause Solution
1.  RF battery has NO charge RF battery has no charge. Check if the BLUE LED turns ON when you press any button.
Possible Cause Solution
2. RF is NOT registered/linked to the module Connect the device to the DPW APP;
Go to Settings and click on the “Reset RF Remote Control” It will show this message:  “This process will reset the RF remote….”Press “OK” and the following message will show up:       “Press any button on your remote control”Press any RF’s buttonThe following message will show up and it will be all set!“The RF remote control was successfully registered”
Possible Cause Solution
3. Radio frequency Interference Signal Make sure that there is no other device installed near to the DPW Electronic Module.

Examples of devices that could interfere:  amateur radio, car radio, Wideband lambda sensors, Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Modules, etc.

– We suggest:

  1. To test the RF performance with the car ignition off by removing the key.
  2. To remove installed devices or reposition them away from the DPW Electronic module


Possible Cause Solution
4. The RF received by the customer has a different frequency than the DPW Electronic module antenna Electronic modules manufactured in the USA: Control marking “”, 315 MHz

If the Incompatibility is confirmed, request to change the RF or electronic board.

Possible Cause Solution
1. The harness is not installed correctly Unplug and plug the three-way connector on the electric valve. Make sure it is properly plugged in: you will hear a  “click” when the connection is done correctly. We suggest to apply lubricant spray for a better fitting


Possible Cause Solution
2. The harness might be damaged (melted, broken or shorted) We suggest to measure the voltage that reaches the harness battery terminal connectors, using a multimeter:

Between the RED and BLACK wires: there should always be 12 to 14 Volts.

Between WHITE and BLACK wires: 12 Volts, if in the open position and 0 (zero) Volts, if in the closed position. If none of the above situations are found, check the wiring harness installation ensuring that the wiring is not in contact with any engine hot part.


Possible Cause Solution
3. The valve could be damaged If the harness has no damage, most likely the solenoid or the electric valve spring could be damaged. In this case, send the electric valve for replacement.
Possible Cause Solution
1. The DPW module may be out of power or damaged Make sure the battery poles are correctly connected.

If the problem persists, request to send the module for analysis

Possible Cause Solution
1. Download the wrong App Make sure you download the right APP. There is a QR code on the back cover of the user’s manual or you can search on the APP store for “DPW Exhaust BLE”


Possible Cause Solution
2. The APP has been already connected to another user If the electronic device is already connected to another smartphone, it will not be possible to connect unless the previous APP connection be undone.


Possible Cause Solution
3. The user connected to the electronic module “outside” the APP Make sure the user connect his/her smartphone to the electronic module ONLY by the DPW Exhaust BLE .

If the user has connected in the “conventional” way, it will not be possible to connect through the APP

Possible Cause Solution
1. The harness is installed incorrectly or damaged If one of the harness wires that connects to the valve is poorly connected or damaged, it can cause this behavior.

We suggest a complete and thorough harness installation check and look for any possible damaged wire or connectors.

If the issue persists, request the harness and valve removal and send them to Digipower for analysis.

Note: In any case remove ONLY the ACTUATOR!

The whole Electric Cutout valve must be removed.

In the meantime, a replacement kit (a lid with clamps) could be purchased to close the exhaust system until the valve is replaced.

Possible Cause Solution
1. The valve spring is damaged or incorrectly installed Request the electric cutout valve to be removed and sent for analysis and replacement


Possible Cause Solution
2. There are solid residues (dirt or weld remnants) inside the valve that prevent compete closure We suggest a visual analysis to identify solid reidues and cleaning. If the issues persists, request the electric cutout valve to be removed and sent for analysis and replacemnt.

A  “lid” (replacement kit) can be purchase to prevent the exhaust system from being open.


Possible Cause Solution
1. Installation was done very close to the driver’s seat position We suggest the repositioning of the cutout in the exhaust, being further away from the driver’s seat.