App Instructions

APP Download


SPEED ​also has an application available at Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS), offering several advantages such as:

  • Information screen.
  • Pedal-Lock (this function is only available using the APP), which blocks the gas pedal, bringing more safety to the user.
  • +100 Sensitivity adjustments (this function is only available using the APP), which allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of each mode, thus having more than 100 driving adjustments.
  • Alerts.
  • Closest resale indication via map.


Once downloaded, you must register the application to access all the functions. Registration will be completed through the APP itself or using a facebook account. Follow the simple steps in registration. Select the make, model and year. Don’t worry if your particular model or engine combination isn’t shown. Select the closest. The module controls the vehicle, the APP is the remote.

Manage the Vehicle

With the APP installed, login completed and vehicle selected, turn on the ignition with bluetooth turned on and pair the phone with the controller. You must be inside vehicle due to range. It may take several attempts to pair them. Once complete, this is the master phone. If other phones will utilize the SPEED APP, then the second phone must be invited by the master phone. Through the “Options” and “New Driver” simply insert the email and have them download the SPEED APP. To remove, select from vehicle settings an press to “remove”

Password recovery

If password is lost/forgotten, you can retrieve it again via the “I forgot my password” option. Enter your email and press “Recover Password”. Your password will be resent to the registered email account.

Changing password

If you want or need to change your password, go to the “Configuration” screen. Then “Change Password”, enter the current password and then the new password.

Sensitivity adjustment

SPEED has 100+ sensitivity adjustments. By pressing the lower part of the screen you can open the sensitivity settings for each mode. By dragging your finger across the screen you can further control each individual mode. In valet mode, you can further limit the acceleration.

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